Points of Courtesy to Consider Before Professional Movers Arrive at the House

When it comes to movers downers grove il residents want to hire workers who provide excellent service for an affordable price. Those workers would like to be hired by customers who are courteous and also make sure all the necessary tasks have been completed before the project begins.

Stick Around

Employees of moving companies in downers grove il prefer it when the customers stick around the home while the belongings are transported to the truck. The workers often have questions about something, and they cannot get answers if everybody has been gone for the past two hours. At least one person should plan to be home the entire time, if possible. If that person does have to step out for a bit, he or she should let the workers know.

Avoid Micromanaging

In contrast, downers grove movers also like it best when the customers don’t hover around trying to tell them how to do their job. They are professionals, after all, with experience in transporting belongings without damaging anything. They know how to work around tight stairways and narrow hallways without being instructed.

Label Containers

In regard to movers downers grove il workers are careful with every single thing they transport. Nevertheless, it’s still helpful if the customers have labeled the boxes and other containers that hold fragile items. Then the movers know they must be even more careful and place those containers in the truck where nothing will dislodge them.

Restrain Animals

Cats, dogs and other companion animals should be restrained so they don’t pester the movers and don’t get in the way. One of the last things anybody wants to see is a worker tripping over a dog while maneuvering down a staircase.

Optional But Encouraged

Some points of etiquette aren’t required but are strongly encouraged. Not everyone thinks about tipping movers, but this is one of the occupations where providing tips is commonly done and greatly appreciated. Offering soft drinks and snacks is welcome, especially if the project is a long one involving a full day’s work. On a cold day, the customers might put on a pot of coffee and offer mugs to the workers.

By following general tips and points of etiquette, customers help ensure that their move goes smoothly and that they are being courteous to the workers who are putting forth a significant amount of physical labor for this job. When it’s time to start getting quotes, they might include a company such as Jackson Moving and Storage on their list of places to call.

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